FoamBlast® 4201

AFOAM BLAST® 4201 is a 35% active organo-modified silicone antifoam that readily disperses in water-based formulations such as coatings, inks, paints, etc. This product is compatible with most organic water-based systems and is stable under high shear. FOAM BLAST® 4201 is a highly active defoamer in dispersions and formulations that contain suspended particles such as pigment grinds for water-based inks, coatings and paints.
FOAM BLAST® 4201 contains no solvents or petroleum-based additives and does not swell rubber rolls or polymer print plates. It ages well in inks and coatings, maintaining its effectiveness over a long period of time.
FOAM BLAST® 4201 has been formulated to have minimal impact on a coatings gloss or clarity. It is designed to have a high degree of compatibility in most architectural and industrial coatings formulations.