Pigmentos Fluorescentes Série ECO

ECO Pigments* are the first formaldehyde-free pigments to attain the color brilliance and
stability offered by traditional formaldehyde containing products with the added benefit
of being produced using recycled materials. Uncompromising performance and earthfriendly
materials that:
• Reduce the volume of plastic waste disposed in landfills
• Conserve energy and natural resources
• Eliminate formaldehyde, phthalates, BPA and other “Chemicals of Concern “
DayGlo ECO Pigments are thermoplastic fluorescent pigments that are recommended for a
wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents is not required. They
perform well in a system based on aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. They are also
suitable for aqueous systems. ECO Pigments can be used in applications such as paper
coatings, textile printing, A-type gravure inks, craft and hobby paints, and vinyl plastisols