Pigmentos Fluorescentes Série GloPrill

GloPrill is a high-performance fluorescent colorant developed especially for polyolefins.
Designed with the plastics concentrate/masterbatch producer in mind, these supercharged colorants develop brilliant, clean DayGlo colors and offer superior processing properties. GloPrill virtually eliminates the problem of plateout at the blowpin and in the mold cavity. Continuous high-speed production is now possible with minimum downtime. Concentrate and masterbatch formulations can be simplified with the elimination of expensive or hard to handle additives for controlling plateout and dispersion. The expanded color line includes high-strength GPX products and single colors to simplify formulations.
• Dust free performance from a super high strength prill.
• Cleanest, brightest fluorescent products offered for blow molding and injection molding.
• Use at full strength for lowest cost in use or as a replacement for melt-in colorants for custom color matches
• Unsurpassed plateout performance. At normal molding temperatures, reduces blowpin plateout or in-mold residue to practically zero.
• Simplify your formulations. Eliminate expensive or hard to handle Plate-Out Packages
• Completely formaldehyde free
• Faster Processing and cleanup.

GL Gloprill